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Interference Pattern 2
Trans Dimensional Spider
Quantum Flower
8 way Window - Round
8 way Window - Square
1 way Window - Round
1 way Window - Square
Titanium Core
Cyber Core

Light Objects Overview

These objects are an exploration of the limits to human perception. Mathematical patterns, repetition on scales, asymmetry and symmetry, concepts of self-similarity, resonance, and quantized information are the tools employed to caress the visual cortext at its physical limits.

Even an unimpaired mind can be fooled by light and dark, and color relationships. The brain can be overwhelmed by patterns and change-over-time. A viewer's perspective can be constantly changed by adjusting their relationship with light, pattern, and surface. In many of these works, digital imagery and video as source for LED control.

Phenomena and animals in nature that emit light or change color capture our imaginations and demand our attention. Since the dawn of human-kind and the advent of fire (aka technology) we have been fascinated by moving light, color, and shadow. These scuptural objects play on the very evolutionary traits that have led to our success as a species.